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After effects

It has been 2 months now and I can already see the results, thankyou so much, i love this prodct. My hair growth has gone down since before.


It's really work

Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset
Kareem mohiddin Mohammed

It's really working

Magically it works

I agree it's slow. But that how it's work. Our hair contribute genetic factors, harmones, climate and so on. So it natural that product will take time to give result.
I have bought this product on 23 August 2021.since the I am using it every week at intensity 5.intially I won't be able to see any changes and I knew that may be I able to see result after 6months as my hairs are so thick especially on legs. But now in November I amazed to see I have not shaved for a week and my arms hair has almost gone and become so soft. On my legs hairs which were thick gone soft and hair growth period has reduce drastically means to say if my hair take 2days to grew back after shave now it's taking 4or 5 days. So as per price of the product I fell this is Amazing๐Ÿ‘. It's just 2months results. May be after 6 months of usage it shows complete results.

Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset
Farhatameen Pachapuri

I m using this product since 3 to 4 month and I have seen results. Very easy to use and no any harm and redness .but it well take time to reduce thick hair.

Errika IPl best

It's easy to use๐Ÿ˜Šno more redness form.
My Hair growth is reduced in my chin and Hand
Am so happy and relief. It's valuable
Nice product ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset


See a reduction in hair growth and also very easy to use.

Good Buy compared to wastage of time and money for laser treatment

I've been using since 3 minthsand able to see good results on face. Yet did not use much on hands and legs, hope the result would be same if I can follw the schedule they mve suggested. No regret buying this product. Already Ive git my payback in 10 ssessions itself. What more can be expected


It definitely works and I'm seeing great progress. But keep in mind, it takes a long time and you have to be consistent. I would recommend it to everyone.

Too good to be true

I have had experience of laser at a skin clinic too....But this little piece by erikka is a savior....Its cost effective....and in 6 sittings till now,I have seen a remarkable reduction of my hair....Its a blessing and mainly its a made in India....

Such me hear removal hote he

I m so much happy with the result and the service, help and support by the company my chin hair are almost gone for legs being thick dark hair ,80% of the hair follicle were killed some hair are grew back my chin are gone so I m happy with the result ๐Ÿ˜Š

Very good product. Easy to use and effective in reducing hair growth.

The product is really useful. Hair growth has certainly reduced but one has to be patient to get the results.

I have been on 5 th session..I see little difference..I hope continuous 12 to 16 sessions reduce permanent hair reduction

It is really working but very slowly . But liked it as the end results are very much impressive . It will take 6 to 9 months for full results.

I've used it religiously every week for about 2-3 months, used it in the 1-3 strength range, can definitely see a difference especially in the areas where hair was already soft (forearms, upper-lip) it takes much longer for hair to grow out. Areas of aggressive growth like underarms, bikini line is taking much longer so will have to wait and see. The best part is it takes me very less time to do the whole thing, the not so great part is I have to shave before each use (and i prefer waxing, but it doesn't work if you wax). Will continue for a few more months, if it works on UA, BL, then totally worth it.

Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset
Nilofar moin Qureshi

Very good quality
Very good product
Thenk you

Useful! Go for it

It's only give results on thin hair like hand and lag not on thik hair

I canโ€™t see any difference its been more than a month. Highly disappointed

Hey Sneha,
The recommended time to use to handset is 12 weeks. Please complete he initial treatment to see the results. I takes time but definitely works.

Its been 2 months now i m using the product and i will like to thank the team as it is super helpful for me. I always want this type of product which can reduce my burden of going for laser session in other city as i belong to small town its very difficult for me to get lasers done on time as i have to visit different city . Travelling expenses laser experience all was too high. But now i m happy as i can do it myself only.
Once again thank you.

I have done 7 sittings till now. The results hv been great as far the fine hair are concerned. But i have not seen any results with the thick hair. May be it will take time.

I have been using this product from 5 week with absolutely zero effect. Not worth it.

Hey Sunny,
5 weeks are not enough to see the results. Please use it for 12 weeks to see the results. I will work.