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Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset

Ok ok

Giving nice results on my facial hair but taking so much time on thick hair
Doing continuous sitting on my mom's face but not getting satisfactory results. Her hair around chin are so thick and growth is so fast.If you have some better suggestion then let me know I will give that a try.

Its good for but difficult to use

Its work but its cover very small areas so ! difficult but yeah its work and patience ke sath apko use krna pdega 3months atleast

Done Good Job!

I didn't expect the result that I got from the device. on my hands it had done a fabulous job but on legs its taking time but I think It has reduced 70% of my hair growth so pretty good job. There is just one problem if I work on 5th mode then it get off after some time on average within 20-25 minutes so if that is evolved then this could me the best machine.😇


I have ordered 70 days back.. n it’s nice but I am very hairy escp on legs so it will take time n have to use for long.. as for hands looks like growth reduced need to be consistent.

Awesome I would like to suggest buying this product

I have been using Erikka it's very magical my hair has been reduced in 60 days. I loved it. it's really work I am satisfied by using Erikka thanks Erikka

Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset

I would recommend buying this to everyone

I've been using it and i have done 11 sessions till now and hair has been reduced up to 80 percent! no more red painful bumps and ingrown hair haha! LOVED IT.


I love your product
And services
Thank you so much


I have taken 3 sittings... Result is mind-blowing....
Growth has decreased...
Now hair grow in patches...
After 12 sittings I will write my review again...

Return policy available or not?

I was looking for a LED therapy mask that was safe for eyes. I definitely like this one. It is light weight and easy to use.

Very good product.


Hair reduced but am not totally satisfied

It's working

I have completed my 5 session and I think it is working my regrowth hair are smooth and less in quantity so I think it's working
Thank u erikka

Review of particular areas

Though it's a very good product but it doesn't work on underarms and on chin and upper lips hairs for me....i have read reviews of this device working on mentioned areas as well may be it depends on hormones as well
So thankyou for this handset

Best Product

It is a promising product. I can see the difference after my 7-8 sessions and I got surprised by its results.

Very good

I have been using iPlayer since 60 days and the result was awesome and unexpected it works slow but effective the result will be shown after 4 to 5 sessions feel good to use it

Amazing product

Truly value for money

a review

Could one of the team members of Erikka India reply me, that which ipl hair removal handset to use to treat facial hair and bikini hair .
I have a normal indian bit fair tone of my skin .please do reply .

I need a fair feedback from people who are using it , it will help me.

I am deciding to buy one ,but could someone tell me which ipl product to buy if I need to treat facial hair and bikini hair.
I have fair tone of my face .I will be thankful.

Patience is most needed in this procedure

it took me more than a year to make up my mind to purchase this
by whomsoever grace the cost of the product reduced
which was the most plus point for as being a student.

i watched videos on other products they might or might not work, cant really speak for it but well now that im using eriika...... god first three weeks i w had only one thought ... do i return it? is it even working?
cut to the sessions
u can really find results 3weeks on face...i dont have any hair growing on my mustache area and chin, cheek.
under armpits, belly area and legs would take time but you would eventually find results during the sessions.
i would recomend it to the fair skined cuz u cant really refer white for indian (jk)
i am yellow paled skin with a little white complextion , got really tanned skin but it works
im planning to buy face led thearepy product ....hoping if the cost would decrease.

Working excellent


As compare to wax ipl laser is gud

Such me kam krega kya

Such me kam krega kya ye