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Patience is most needed in this procedure

it took me more than a year to make up my mind to purchase this
by whomsoever grace the cost of the product reduced
which was the most plus point for as being a student.

i watched videos on other products they might or might not work, cant really speak for it but well now that im using eriika...... god first three weeks i w had only one thought ... do i return it? is it even working?
cut to the sessions
u can really find results 3weeks on face...i dont have any hair growing on my mustache area and chin, cheek.
under armpits, belly area and legs would take time but you would eventually find results during the sessions.
i would recomend it to the fair skined cuz u cant really refer white for indian (jk)
i am yellow paled skin with a little white complextion , got really tanned skin but it works
im planning to buy face led thearepy product ....hoping if the cost would decrease.

Working excellent


As compare to wax ipl laser is gud

Such me kam krega kya

Such me kam krega kya ye

Worth to buy

I found this very helpful and easy to use. Results are also good. The supporting team is very friendly even though I received a defective one they replaced it. I am satisfied with the purchase.

Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset
Dr. Akanksha Pandey
Truly appreciated

Results seen in 4 weeks....m happy with purchase... ♥️


It works slow & results are pretty good

Thanks for your service

Results are good. But long way to go. Thank you for replacing the device after it got faulty.

Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset

Erika India

Best handy hair removal product ever
Much satisfied
Thanks Erika India

Best Gadget to remove all hair

I like this gadget. My hair are verry thick but I use this and all remove hair only 6sessions . Most important verry easy and safe to use this product .

Ok it's good

I noticed results only my upper lip results coming in chin area till chin area thick hair are there.

Very good product it showed results within 2-3 weeks awesome product and worth of spending money
Love it!!!!!

Great product

This product is so nice and amazing

So happy with results

It’s been 7 weeks since I’ve started using this product and honestly i love the results. It has worked on dense hair so well. Hair growth is very less. But in finer hair it is less effective. I’m hoping till i complete 12 weeks it will show effect.
About product usage, it gets a little warm and sometimes stings when touching the skin in sensitive area. But if you let it cool down it works perfectly.
So overall my review is excellent. 4/5 stars.

no visible results yet

Have had two sessions so far second session was at full power for neck and underarms but no visible results yet.

It’s a saviour

It’s a very good product for those who have fair skin and dark hair. It really worked on all body hair they claim. I use to get ingrown hair after waxing or shaving,but it’s all gone after using IPL. I shaved my body parts and waited for six hours to use IPL to avoid boils or skin irritation as your Skin will be slightly hot after using the IPL.that worked for me. I am not getting body hair now the way I use to get, I am shaving after two weeks now.

Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset
Hari Chandanaa Kistipati
I was definitely recommending, but I don't know now.

Hi, I have sent the IPL Handset, because it stopped working after the third session.
I am waiting on the update, on a new machine.
I did see some change with just three sessions, I would like to continue using it for better results.
I would definitely recommend if I get a new handset.

Used it for past two months...My facial hair reduced a lot... On underarms and legs hair growth reduced but not that effective on thick hairs... But it works...

This product slowed the growth speed of hair, but couldn't make difference in removal.

It's working

It's good and effective as they claiming.thank been 2 month of using the gadget

Ok ok

Used every week for the past 60 days and i can see changes with my hair growth in legs and hands.. But I couldn’t find my differences in Underarm and Bikini area.. will keep on using for another couple of days and will update the review

Pros - Hair growth in hands and legs has decreased alot
Cons- not much effective which it comes to thick hair line

I have use it for 3months every week but still have thick hair coming..

Definitely works!

It's a great product, complete value for money. I have used it around 4 times so far and the hair on my legs is almost entirely gone. Underarms and bikini line has reduced but still a while to go for marked difference. I am assuming this is related to the growth and thickness of the hair. Love the pink colour and the packaging too!

Very bad

Total waste of money, i see no hair reduction, i have been using this for a month now.

Hi Prathiba,

The reason there is no hair reduction yet is because you need to use it for 12 weeks to see the difference. It might be less for some people and more for others but we recommend to use it for at least 12 weeks.