Get professional curls in minutes without any hassle

Introducing Erikka hair curler - the perfect solution for those who want to achieve bouncy, voluminous curls without spending hours at the salon. With Erikka hair curler, you can get salon-worthy curls in the comfort of your own home, without any hassle.

Curling iron


Hair gets stuck in the rod

Might burn your fingers too.

Totally a guessing game, you might end up frying your hair.

Time consuming and full of hassles.

Erikka Automatic hair curler

While the automatic hair curler is tangle-free.

Automatic hair curlers are safe and do not burn hair.

Timer Alert and Temperature settings to avoid frying up your hair

Easy and faster to use.

A hair curling device suitable for all hair types!

Coarse hair

Medium hair

Fine hair

Combination hair





Hair texture

Damaged or FineHair

Healthy Hair

Thick or Curly Hair

Heating Time

8/12 seconds

12 seconds

12/16 seconds

We have you covered for any type of curls you desire!


Soft waves


Defined waves


Classic curls

Rapid heating
Smart shutdown
ION hair care
Free tempering
FCC Certified
CE Certified

Rated Power:45W


Smart PowerCut:AutoShut-off after 30min Non-use

Rated Voltage:100-240V

Rated Frequency:5060Hz

"Using a curling rod was tough-I'd end up with uneven curls and burnt fingers. But ever sinceI switched to the Erikka automatic hair curler, styling my hair is a snap. No more over heating or burnt fingers."-


How to use

01 - Press

Press on the temperature setting button (ON-OFF button) and turn on the curler.

02 - Hold

 Put a strand of hair in the clamp of the curler and wait for the timer to tick.

03 - Release

Once the timer ticks, release the hair strand from the clasp, and Viola! Instant curls with zero hassle.

Erikka Automatic Hair Curler - Erikka India
Erikka Automatic Hair Curler - Erikka India

Erikka Automatic Hair Curler

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