How to Use



What type of skin is suitable for IPL?

IPL works best on Fitzpatrick scale skin types I to IV. Here is the chart for your reference.

What type of hair is suitable for IPL?

IPL treatment is most effective on dark hair. It is not effective on very light, red or grey coloured hair.

Duration of the treatment?

IPL treatment can lead to permanent hair reduction when used regularly every week.

With this treatment, you can get silky smooth skin in just 8-12 weeks.

Steps to Use

To start, keep the following things with you

  1. User manual 
  2. Handset
  3. Damp cloth or ice pack (if needed)

Before the treatment 

Shave (not wax and tweeze) the area you want to treat with IPL.

Step 1: Press the green light at the back to turn on the device.

Step 2: Set the level of intensity according to your skin type by pressing the back button.

Step 3: Place the device on the skin and press the flash button.

After the treatment

Treat the area with a damp cloth or ice pack.