What We Need To Know About IPL?

What We Need To Know About IPL? - Erikka India


When we think about hair removal, we often choose waxing or shaving as a viable option. And if we are looking for permanent solution then the only alternative is to go for regular clinical laser hair removal appointments.

Now, with the level of technological advancement, hair removal has never been so easy, painless and cost effective.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light which is used for various purposes such as skin pigmentation, photo-rejuvenation, hair removal and even optometry. This technology revolutionizes hair removal and is definitely one of the best investments you can make today!

Intense pulsed light

IPL technology uses the light source that emits light which targets the melanin content inside the hair follicles. The light energy converts into heat which ultimately destroys the hair follicles and gives you permanent hair reduction.

Why multiple sessions?

Our hair grows in phases and every hair is at a different growth phases at any point in time.

Just like clinical laser hair removal, IPL also target the hair cells at their growing phases (also called The anagen phase). So it is important to get multiple sessions done to effectively target all the hair cells at their growing stage.

Why do we need to do touch ups after the 12 week treatment?

It is possible that your hair follicles may re-generate over several months or years. In such cases, it is always safe and easy to use the device on your skin again using the same method to burn the hair follicles.

Why IPL work on specific skin tones and hair color?

IPL targets the melanin content inside the hair follicles. As melanin density is high in hair as well as darker skin tone, IPL cannot differentiate between the skin and hair and therefore targets both. Hence, it is not recommended to use IPL for darker skin tones and as well as light color hair (as there is less melanin content in light colored hair)

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