Top 5 Tips To Use Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset

Top 5 Tips To Use Erikka IPL Hair Removal Handset - Erikka India

At home laser hair removal is a new trend just because of how easy, convenient and most importantly effective it is to use compared to the other products.

However at first, It is always hard to get our way around a new product and our handset is no different. While thoroughly testing and trying our handset, we have had our own share of learning and we would like to share it with you.


Here are top 5 tips to use Erikka IPL laser hair removal handset efficiently

  1. Perform the patch test

The key to use at home laser handsets safely is to always perform the patch test before using it at a higher intensity level (3, 4 and 5). Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to laser hair removal. So the best practice is to perform the patch test before using it.

  1. Shave the area

Always shave the area you want to use the IPL handset on. Do not wax or tweeze the area as it takes the hair root out, which is basically what the IPL targets.

  1. Cool down your skin after the treatment

When the light is flashed to your skin, the light energy converts into heat that also our skin along with hair follicles. So, it is advised to cool down the skin using an ice pack or a damp cloth.

  1. Be consistent

Good things take time as does at home laser hair removal. With our Erikka IPL handset, it takes about 12 weeks to see the results and it is important to maintain the consistency. Now after 5-6 weeks, it gets hard to maintain the consistency but getting through those last sessions is all it takes to get that silky smooth skin.

  1. Slide the handset over 2 cm after every flash

Generally we overestimate the distance covered by flash light and move it by over 3-4 cm after every flash. Rather, we should be moving it by about 2 cm.


Also, do not forget to read the user manual carefully. The best source to follow for the most efficient treatment is the user manual.

Lastly, you can enjoy your next Erikka IPl laser hair removal sessions while watching your favorite show on Netflix.


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