Is It Safe To Use LED Masks At Home?

Is It Safe To Use LED Masks At Home? - Erikka India

With LED masks gaining huge popularity, the question about its safety always surfaces. With numerous claims and social media posts, the safety of these masks has become quite a concern. However, before these devices were made available to the public as at-home devices, they were used by dermatologists. So, were these masks unsafe then too, or is it just a hoax? Let us learn about the same by reading below.

·  Safer Intensity Levels

The masks which are used at home have a little less intensity than those used in the clinics. Moreover, this also means that these devices do not give out the energy that cause any damage to it. This ensures that these masks work at a safer spectrum, so there is nothing to worry about.

·  The Type Of Material

The material used in these masks may affect how they might work on your skin. Choose masks that are made from material that are not harmful to the skin, such as antibacterial silicone. These masks would be good on your skin and would not have any harmful effects.

·  Eye Safety

The whole premise about these masks being unsafe is due to the fact that the light from these masks can harm the eyes of the wearer. However, there are masks, which have eye protection. These masks have these safety units so that you might not face any issues related to your eye-sights, making these masks 100% safe. You should always opt for a mask that comes with eye safety.

·  Expert Opinion

Despite the recent commotion in the beauty-tech world, experts mark these masks as safe. It is said that as long as you pick the right device, there is nothing to worry about. You should always check for the certifications that the masks have to be on the safer side.


People who are seeking results with the help of these masks have nothing to worry about if they are using masks that are of good quality. Our Erikka LED Therapy Mask comes with 7 different lights and an eye massager, the part that comes in contact with the skin is made from antibacterial silicone which makes it one of the safest masks there is in the market.

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